Impera link amazon diamonds

impera amazon diamonds
impera amazon diamonds

Impera link amazon diamonds

Impera link amazon diamonds game novomatic in collaboration with impera link. A game that offers gamers a win with an unexpected jackpot value. Various types of game symbols that are ready to give value with 5 jackpots. The chance to win is very much later – later by gamers.

By working with impera link, the amazon diamonds game is sought after by many gamers. High value and jackpots that gamers can get quickly. The amazon diamonds game is a game with the theme of the amazon forest, the depth of which is very deep and the rules of life are still very strict. Beautiful woman with red hair guarding amazon.

Beautiful themed game

Obathipertensitradisional – Not only women but there are also wild animals that still exist in the amazon. 5 game reels that gamers can play to get diamonds on amazon. The collaboration of impera link and amazon diamonds makes the opportunity to win high for gamers to get easily. There are 30 types of payments that gamers can get quickly and not for long.

When entering the amazon forest, gamers will get the sound of birds echoing in the forest plus the roars of wild animals in the impera link amazon diamonds. In the amazon forest gamers will also find a beautiful goddess in the amazon forest. The goddesses who have different powers so that their values ​​are also different.

beautiful woman and strength//strong

Scatters and jackpots

There is also a scatter that comes with a red ball. The more scatter values ​​a gamer can get, the game will also get free spins. The number of free spins that gamers can get is 30 free spins. Active free spins will make gamers get additional jackpot value games and coin values.

The jackpot values ​​that gamers can get are: mini, minor, major, grand and impera link. While still free spins, gamers will get the same symbol which will lock the screen so that the screen that has not received the symbol will continue to spin so that gamers will get a high score. The type of game that uses left to right and diagonal directions will also give gamers value.

Spin lock

The symbol that appears will be a value in the form of a blue coin. Not only the symbol of a beautiful woman with the appearance of a goddess, but there are also beautiful diamonds that will accompany gamers to win. There are also phanters and letters A to number J. Wild in the form of beautiful diamonds will replace all symbols except the scatter.

While still free spins gamers who get the same 3 signs mixed with wild then gamers can get a win with every symbol that will appear to fill the screen and win. The type of game that can be taken from the far left to the right and then also forms a value with a diagonal line.

Play with real money

The more free spins you get, the closer the chance to win. The value that gamers get quickly when they manage to get blue coins with numbers written on the presence of the impera link amazon diamonds game will make gamers impatient to play the game.

Popular in many circles. A new type of game that gamers can’t download. The impera link amazons diamonds game can be accessed via the game browser. Easier safe and reliable. Prepare a bet value that is sufficient so that gamers can play for real money.