Eye of the queen
Eye of the queen


Eye of the queen is a game presented by novomatic. Gamers should prepare a lot of sunscreen so that the skin does not burn in the sun. Eye of the queen is a type of game that will invite us to enter Egypt to see some Egyptian relics and hidden treasures. There will be various types of symbols that can be found in the eye of the queen game

You will find many treasures scattered in Egypt. The most treasures found in Egypt are in Egyptian tombs. Various types of gems and other valuable treasures can be found in Egyptian graves. Egypt has several legendary stories so that Egypt is a place that is often visited by many tourists and archaeologists.

Game symbols and treasure

obathipertensitradisional – Egyptian-themed games use an Egyptian-like tone as well. To be able to win the game you must first salute the Egyptian Raru. Then the queen will give permission and we can look for the treasure that is in the Egyptian grave. The eye of the queen game has 5 reels and to win it takes 5 or 10 steps to win the game.

There will be many symbols that you can find, especially symbols that give many game wins. The symbols that are often encountered in every game are symbols that come from the Aces, K, Q, and J cards. In addition to the card symbols you will find other motifs for the eye of the queen game. The motifs are statues of Anubis, eagles, queens, beetles, gold coins and eye symbols and those in the form of earrings.

Egyptian symbols and treasures//queen

Free spins

The queen of Egypt is the queen who has a large winning value in all the eye the queen symbols. Eye of the queen also has free spins in the game. Hearing that you can get free spins, of course, who will refuse it. Many gamers are happy with the availability of free spins.

The existence of free spins will provide many opportunities to win the game. To be able to get free spins, gamers must get gold coins. Coins that are symbols of the scatter and wild. The presence of coins will give you a lot of wins. The presence of coins in the 3rd round in the center of the screen.

Wilds and scatters

The heroglyph symbol itself will be wild. Wild will replace all symbols except the scatter. The appearance of heroglyphs in the game cycle on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. There will be additional games in the eye of the queen game. Which additional game is in the form of cards. Gamers will be faced with several cards that are closed upside down and gamers must guess the color of the card is black or red.

Getting the same coins will make the coins multiply until they fully cover the game screen. In order to bring free spins, gamers can get the same 3 coins. You get 12 free spins. When the coins fill all the screens, you will get an additional bonus of 3 more free spins or you can get 5 free spins.

Game eye of the queen has a low-level game type. So to be able to win the game the possibility cannot be high anymore. Even though it is said to be low-level this game is able to attract a lot of attention and become popular. It’s not just the popularity that can be obtained but the level of the game that can be played easily so that gamers are quick to win.